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Link two fields in the same table to view spouse information

Question asked by cat22fish on Aug 12, 2014
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Link two fields in the same table to view spouse information


     I hope someone can help me, I'm very new to FM and I have got quite far with it but there are some things I want to do which I have no idea where to start. I have a database which stores contact information.  Some of the contacts on the database have relationships with other contacts on the database e.g. a husband and wife have their own entry.  What I would like to do is to link the contacts who are related and have their name displayed in each other's record on the layout but I cannot work out how to do this.  This is what I've tried to do:

     I've added a relatedId field as a number field (which I'm guessing should contain the serialnumber of the spouse)

     Copied the main contacts table occurrence and created a link between the two.

     Placed a portal on the layout database and displayed RelatedId field (in browse mode), created a copy of this field (including settings but changed it to in find mode, so I can see the full name)

     I think I have completely confused it because it is displaying the RelatedId field but then when I want it to display the name of the other record it reverts to the original records name.  So i'm guessing I'm asking it to pull in the wrong information.  ahhh I know I'm going about this all wrong, any really easy step guide advice greatly received.

     Thank you in advance for any help.