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Link two or more records that has one payment

Question asked by TaraKopp on Feb 18, 2011
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Link two or more records that has one payment


I have a few technical questions to ask in regards to "how-to" using  filemaker Pro 10 Advanced. I work for an art school and we use  filemaker to keep our students database. Now, I've followed your  tutorials and made a simple table but there are a few problems I'd like  to solve.

1. We (on behalf of the art school) have siblings attending our  school. We create a record for each sibling. However, when we create a  second sibling's record, we'd have to enter all the fields again. We can  duplicate the first sibling's record and edit the fields that are  different from the first sibling but then there is a second problem.

2. We have a payment field in each record with auto-enter function  so that it balances out. Sometimes a parent makes one payment for  multiple children (2 or more records). We're breaking down one payment  into multiple records, when we would like to have one total per family.

So in conclusion, we'd like to somehow link all the siblings and  quickly organize the database. Is there a way to somehow link the  siblings records and have one payment field per family, while each  student has a separate record?