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Link/Lookup Field Within Layout

Question asked by mrbill on Aug 5, 2013
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Link/Lookup Field Within Layout


     Hello- This must be very basic and I'm probably missing something... Thx in advance for the help.

     Trying to accomplish - Being able to select a contact from the Contacts Table and View it in Sales Pipeline Table. - Basically, a lookup and view. 


     - Filemaker Pro 12 Mac

     -Database with 2 Tables: Contacts and Sales Pipeline

     - Contacts has the usual stuff: First Name, Last Name, etc..

     - Sales Pipe has info about progress in sales pipeline

     I am simply trying to figure out how the heck I create a field that will let me find and select someone from my contacts Table and see it as reference in the Pipeline Table.

     Hope this makes sense. Thx!