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Linked field / lookup...

Question asked by 100 on Jul 26, 2010
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Linked field / lookup...



I have a form in which I wish to record who has phoned the office.

As there are too many suppliers I am not using a popup/combo etc. I have a field on the form called Supplier, next to this is a button - click the button it opens a SupplierSearch layout. I want to select a supplier from the supplier list (click a button), and have this form pass the selected supplier ID back to the calling form.


I have a table "Phone calls" which has a field "SupplierID".

I have a table Suppliers, Keyfield SupplierID, containing field CompanyName

I wish to store the SupplierID data in the PhoneCalls table, but display the CompanyName field from the Supplier table on the RecordCall form.

Any ideas?