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    Linked images does not show when shared



      Linked images does not show when shared


      I can not get the linked images I have embedded in my layouts to show when I share the file over the network. Is there a way to get around this?

      FMP Advanced 11 used here.


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          Windows version of FMP DB Host and Client machines?  Location of Images?

          The images are in the same folder as the Filemaker database and linked with a relative link? Probably not.

          The images are on another partition, hard drive, or server? The location must be mounted on the client machines.

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            Both machines are OS X in development. Images are not in the same directory as the DB itself, but rather in a directory at the same level as the DB. I guess as long as the path looks the same to the server and the client, the images should show up. The DB is going to be used in a windows environment by one person and be shared to 2-3 other occasional clients, this is all p2p. Maybe we should run it on one client, share it and store the images on the network, that way image paths will look the same to all. The alternative would be to store it all on the network share but that will kill performance. Problem is I will have to set paths to images when DB is in place at customer.


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              That one's certainly a sticky wicket. I run into it all the time under various scenarious including changing CPUs.

              I wish paths could be stored based on "base paths" which could easily be changed in one step. 

              For example: BasePath: BasePath/filename.jpg  this in turn ideally could be changed in one step to NewBasePath/filename.jpg perhaps storing the base paths (full path less filename) somewhere like Manage... External Data Sources.

              I used to use Applescript to handle links, but fear that applescript isn't long for this earth, and it's certainly not a cross platform solution.

              As things exist now, I normally end up giving in and storing the actual image files within the database. NOT PRETTY.

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                I did this many years ago, forgive my memory and file storage habits.

                Containers for pictures and/or files, make a difference in process and results.

                Containers can be embedded or referenced  (embedded is more foolproof at the expense of speed, referenced is more speedy at the expense of ease of use)

                If referenced, container's references can be relative, absolute (full), or calculated.

                If cross platform, there are two absolute or calculated paths that need to be provided. NOT filewin and filemac, but imagewin and imagemac. Assuming images only are stored.

                Obviously, Get (platform) (Win or Mac a the time) sent the request to the correct layout If calculated, and remote (server or shared HD or folder), the shared folder or hard drive or server needs to be mounted on each platform in able to work

                If you can 'see' the jpg or whatever in the Finder or a System Window (mounted server), you do a Get Info (Mac) or Properties (Win) to get the filepath (absolute or full filepath) you may or may not be able to copy the path, depending on the 3rd party utilities installed.

                Each element of the calculated path can be compartmentalized in an individual field with the calculated field with a container as the result. This is done for each platform that is supported.

                FROM  http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/771/~/visible-and-editable-file-references
                The contents of a File Reference may be one of the following:
                1.If the target and the source files are on the same volume AND the "Save relative path only" option is unchecked then a relative path and a full path are stored.
                2.If the target and the source files are on the same volume AND the "Save relative path only" option is checked then only a relative path is stored.
                3.If the target and the source files are on different volumes regardless of the "Save relative path only" option a full path is stored.
                4.A FMNET network path may come with a relative path. A FMNET network path is a FileMaker Network path and is formatted as "hostIPaddress/filename".