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    Linked Photo on Shared database not visable



      Linked Photo on Shared database not visable


           On Filemaker Pro 9 I have a database of several thousand parts, with photos for many of the parts. When I'm at work, I can see each photo for each part perfectly. We share the main file remotely off one computer in the office (Open Remote >> View Local hosts.

           However, when I login from home remotely to filemaker using Open Remote >> View Favorites, I can access the database fine, save new records, etc, but all of the photos for the various parts say: "This file cannot be found xyz.jpg" where XYZ is the name of the part's photo.

           The photos are are linked to each records, not embedded. The part photos are all located in the WEB folder of Filemaker Pro installation folder. I've tried sharing out this WEB folder on the host computer running Windows 7, but this doesn't seem to effect the visibility of the  photos when I login remotely? Any help would be appreciated.

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               Putting the files in the web folder would work if you used a web browser to access your database but not from Filemaker. When connecting from a fileMaker client, your computer needs to be able to map and mount the location where the files are stored with exactly the same file path as is stored in the "by reference" container fields. This is not possible with your current method of connecting to your database.

               You'll need to make some changes and each option has drawbacks:

               Use VPN to connect to your database so that you connect as though a client of the local network instead of from a remote location.

               Embed your files into the container fields instead of using "Store a reference".

               Publish to the web using IWP and use a browser from nome.

               Use SuperContainer (Expensive).

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                 Thanks for your help! I setup a VPN and this problem went away.