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    Linked tables question



      Linked tables question


      I have 2 tables (documents and Subdocuments) that are linked 1 to many. 1 document has many subdocument. My question is after I have listed numerous subdocuments and I have found a spelling error in the document - how do I go back and change the document title without loosing the linked subdocuments?

      I hope it's a simple fix but I can't figure it out. Thanks for your help!!!

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          You would only lost the link it the relationship is based on the document title.  You will have to edit both the subdocuments and the documents if you linked by the title of the documents.  This is not the suggested method to link your records, you should have a serial key field to link your documents.  

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            Adding my voice to the previous comment. The primary key, or match field, should be a meaningless  auto generated serial number. Your question illustrates the need for this very well. It's like linking on a name. Then a person gets married and her name changes. All links associated with the original name are then broken.