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      Can I link two tables to one layout? It has to do with goto related records.

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          Yes, sort of, but you wouldn't use go to related records.

          The details depend on the type of relationship you define for the two tables.

          If it's a one to one relationship, you can put the fields for both tables on the layout and they will function as though they are part of a single table provided there is a valid relationship between the table listed in "Show records from" in layout set up and the second table and then only if you select "Allow creation of records via this relationship" for the second table in the relationship that links them.

          If that works for you, consider discarding the second table and just keeping all the fields in one table to begin with, you may not need two tables.

          If it's a one to many relationship, the same set up could be used to create view and edit the first related record, but you'd have no way to create a 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. related record--functionally, you're still in a one to one relationship. However, you can add a portal to the second table and then you can view, create, edit, delete as many related records in the second table as you need to.

          In a many to one relationship, you can put fields from both tables on the layout with the "many" table specified in "show records" from. This works well for editing data in either table and for creating/deleting records in the "many" table, but creating a record on the "one" side of the relationship now requires going to a different table based on the "one" table to create or delete that record. This is often done via a script from the first layout that goes to that layout creates or deletes the record and then returns to the original layout.

          So you'll need to describe how your tables are related to tell you in more detail how to do this.