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    Linking a field to a separate table



      Linking a field to a separate table


           Hi there,
           I'm currently developing a database with filemaker for an artist which contains her inventory and contacts, amongst other things. I would like to be able to click on the name of the collector on the inventory cards and have it link to their contact information, which is currently stored in a separate table. Can anyone help me figure out how to do this?


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               Is there one "contact" record to linked to any given artwork in the artist's inventory or might multiple contacts be linked to the same item in the artist's inventory?

               Assuming only one collector to a given artwork in the artist's inventory, then each Collector should have one record for that collector in your table of contacts.


               Collectors::__pkContactID = Inventory::_fkContactID

               The simplest option for selecting a collector's contact record for any given Inventory record is to set up Inventory::_fkContactID as a drop down list or pop up menu of Contact ID numbers (field 1) and Contact names (field 2).


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                 I have something similar and Ive used Set Variable[$$TriggersOff; Value 1]

                 Set Variable [$Item;Value:Transactions::ItemID] <--The Item ID is the name of the item or in your case it would be the contact.


                 So maybe use this and then I used Go to layout where the information was ["Transactions" (Transactions)]

                 Enter Find Mode[]

                 perform find [restore]

                 set variable