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    Linking a jpg photo to a page



      Linking a jpg photo to a page


      I've been using FMP 5.5 for many years, but I've never been able to figure out how to have a jpg automatically show up on a record.  As an example, a record has a member id number of 12345 in a field. I have a jpg photo with a file name of 12345.  How can I have the jpg photo automatically show on the page.  It would be helpfull when I upload many updated photos... then I'll see them on each page.  I hope that someone can help me with this problem.

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          If you are still using version 5.5, your options are limited. Newer versions have options not available in that version.

          If you define a container field, you can insert that jpg into the container field as a reference and it will then display the Jpg. In 5.5, there is no simple way to automate that as far as I can remember, you'd have to manually insert the photo for every record in your database.

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            Thanks for the quick reply.  I just upgraded my file to FMP version 7.3  Can you give me a suggestion on how to fix this problem?

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              I never used FMP 7, skipped from 5.5 to 10.Latest version of FMP is version 11 so you are still using a pretty old release of this application.

              Does it support web viewers?

              If so, you can set up a web viewer to use the field with the ID number to produce a URL expression that opens the file in the web viewer.

              Come to think of it, you can also set up a calculation that returns "container" as its type to compute a file path to your Jpg. This would have worked in 5.5 as well, if I remember correctly.

              To start, define a container field and put it on your layout. Then put the a calculation field, cContainerText, next to it. Set it up to return text and put the name of your container field in this calculation as the sole term.

              Now insert a jpg with the by reference option selected into the container field and note the text in the calculation field. If you can define a calculation field that returns "container" that reproduces the text shown in cContainerText, it should successfully display the photo.

              Whether you can do that or not depends on your skills and whether or not the file path to the desired photo file is predictable.