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Linking a table to itself

Question asked by DanHooker on Sep 24, 2010
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Linking a table to itself


I have been watching a bunch of tutorials however none address how to allow a link with in the same table.  For example I need to manage an event and want to store all the names in one table.  On my main entry form I want to be able to create a new record for an attendee, define that person as "talent", and then have a portal on that form where I can then create agents, managers, publicists, etc... how are all stored in the same table but are linked to this record.

This is especially useful since I would like to eventually be able to go to the record of an agent or publicist and see who they represent and then click on a client and see when they arrive, the hotel they are staying at and stuff like that.

The hotels, flights, multiple phone numbers I understand but I have not seen the linking issue addressed anywhere.