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    Linking Account Details to a layout form



      Linking Account Details to a layout form


      Is there any way to link account details (set up in Security) to a layout form in the database so users could update their passwords and low level administrators could update passwords and usernames. Rather than go through the menu path. Also for full administrators to add new users.

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          Do you know how to create scripts in FileMaker? Do you know how to create a script that takes the account/password data from global fields and create or update an account? (There are script steps specifically designed so that account info can be updated in the script.)

          You can then place these fields on one or more layouts and put a button on any other layout where you want the user to be able to be able to click the button to bring up the layout so that they edit account information and then click a button to perform a script that updates their account.

          Allowing low level administrators to update other users' passwords and usernames from such a layout might require defining an additional table of this account info in the database--which can be a security risk.

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            i am new to fmp but i am catching up. I am writing scripts. No I do not know the specifics in creating a script that takes the account/password data from global fields and creates or updates an account. But I want to.

            i am very hazy on global fields but I have managed to display the currently logged on user via Get(AccountName) on the welcome screen.

            The other issue is we have other relevant information like what school they belong to which is identified by a field called "DestNo" (linked to tblSchools)  and what position they hold, full name etc. All this data is stored at the moment in a table called tblUsers. In that table we have fields called username and password where relevant data was held. This all came from an access database. I need to be able to associate the account/password data with the other relevant data stored in tblUsers. Is that possible?

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              Don't stress out over global fields, they may be useful to you here, but aren't absolutely necessary.

              If You open Manage | Scripts and start a new script in the script editor, you'll find a list of script steps in the Accounts category. You can research each of these in FileMaker help to learn how they work. You should be able to use these steps to set up layouts where your users can manage their accounts to the degree you choose to permit.

              Other useful hints:

              You can set a script to run "with full access privileges" by clicking a check box of that name in the script editor. You can thus enable a user to do things their password doesn't normally allow, but within the strict limits you control via the script.

              You can control access to individual records if you set up accounts and privileges to support this.

              See "Editing record access privileges" in FileMaker Help and check out this particular sub section: "Entering a formula for limiting access on a record-by-record basis" for a detailed description of how to set this up.