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    Linking Address to Google Maps



      Linking Address to Google Maps


      Another newbie question,

      I have created a Web Viewer on my DB linking the Address sections to Google Maps. Now this has given me a text box with the URL information strait on my DB. Is there anyway to make this a button and make the button one a new window?

      Can anyone give me step by step instructions?



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          I think you want to click a button and see the web viewer in a new window instead of on the current layout. This button can be the URL field if you want.

          Create the layout you want for your pop up window with the web viewer.

          Write a script along the lines of:

          New Window [ //specify window title, size and position here]
          Go To Layout [//specify the layout where you've set up the web viewer]

          That's the basics, You can include steps to hide and lock the status area in the new window. If there's any chance that you will have windows users popping up the window from a maximized window, you'll want to add code to minimize the window resize that will take place with the original maximized window.

          #this assumes window has default name and was maximized before New Window resized it.
          If [ Abs ( Get ( SystemPlatform ) ) = 2 /* this is a windows platform */ ]
             Move/Resize Window [Name: get ( Filename ) ; Current file ; Height: Get ( ScreenHeight ) ; Width: Get ( ScreenWidth ) ]
          End If

          You can also make the window simulate modal behavior (users can't interact with other windows until they dismiss the new window), but I don't think you need to do that if you are just displaying a map.