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linking calendar events to database

Question asked by tedesco12 on Feb 9, 2014
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linking calendar events to database


     i have a calendar system i downloaded that I'm trying to add into my database. i would like to know the best way to tie this into my database. i have a pretty simple invoice solution so far.  i attached a picture of what I'm working with so far. 

     i have a few questions, i will do my best with my interpretation.

     the event details on the left is going to be known as a "service call" and i want to enter some customer information here (just enough needed for me to get to their house and know what I'm working on) and have it schedule the call on my calendar. 

     however in the mean time i want to obviously keep track of the information I'm entering. some information is customer information(contacts table)  and some is kept on the invoice. i want the name address phone etc and what type of appliance I'm working on to show up in the calendar.  

     did i create the relationship correctly ? i can enter customer information on the events details layout(name address phone etc)  but i can't click the model and serial number fields and enter information. I'm assuming because these fields are located in a "unrelated table" so is there a way to build it so the sample events table communicates through all of the tables ? kinda like i did with products invoices lines and customers?