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Linking check boxes

Question asked by squiggle on Oct 10, 2009
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Linking check boxes


I have a database that contains toy stores I sell to and don't sell to. I sell 10 different products. Some stores buy 2 product and others buy 8 products. I created a simple check box set of these 10 products so when a store purchases any of these products, I simply check the box next to the product(s). It's really simple and works well so when I'm on the phone with them I know quickly what they have purchased in the past.


What I am try to do is this:

I created another check box field that says "Customer" which sits right next to the store name. I currently have to manually click the customer check box to let me know they are a customer. This way, when I go to XYZ Toy Store at another time, I can see that they are a customer. Basically, I would like an X to automatically appear next to the name of the store when any of the 10 products are checked off.


I then can search all of my customers.


Thank you for any advice!