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Linking data with the same database

Question asked by donok on Apr 21, 2009
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Linking data with the same database


Hello!  I am going nuts here... I have a fairly simple photo database.  Some of the photos need to store a reference to other photos (like a spouse or sibling - some photos are backgraound images of compsited photos) -- anyway, I want a field that links to these other records in the same database.


1 - I created a new table called linked_images

2 - I created a field in that table called linked_image_field

3 - I made a relationship in the Manage Database window where linked_image_field = image_field (off the main database)

4 - I created a value list called linked_images_values and told it to Use values from field "image_field" 

5 - In my layout I created a field - chose linked_image_field and made it display as a Drop-Down List

6 - I told it to display values from linked_image_values and display data from linked_image_field in the linked_images table 


When I browse - the field is completely empty - if I make it a checkbox field, I can see the values, but I can't choose any of them.


What the heck am I doing wrong!?


Thanks - Don