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Linking Databases - Container to Container

Question asked by VanessaAnne on Jan 31, 2013
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Linking Databases - Container to Container



     I am on FM 11.  I have a main database that holds over a 1,000 records.  Each record has a container field.  Every record is unique because of one field - the main shot field.  So whenever I do a search for the main shot field record, the corresponding container field also comes up which is a visual of the shot.  

     I do not want to store all 1,000 container values in this database because it will slow it down.  The main database is a host so it needs to be very small in size.  

     I have been trying to link the container field database which is built solely to hold the container values to the main one but have had no luck.  

     Both have "sharing on".  Both are in the same folder - right now I have copies of each to test out on my local computer but each database is on our host server and the databases are in the same folder and see each other.  

     I have linked the databases up by going to "Manage External Data Sources" in each database and pointing them to each other.  And I have created a table in each database for the other one linking them together - see attached for their feild relationship. 

     However the container field is not showing up at all. 

     Thank you for your assitance.