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    Linking Databases / Outputting To Multiple Databases



      Linking Databases / Outputting To Multiple Databases


      Hey guys,


      I work with Doctors who keep FMP databases to keep track of patients and cases, etc. The problem is that when they submit these cases to review boards, the data needs to be deidentified and have some of the data anonymized or removed completely. They would rather not have to make editions to their case logs, export and remove the fields, only to have to do so again later on in the day or week.


      My question is if there is a way to link two databases together so that when the doctors save the database, the data is automatically populated in the second databases sans the fields that need to be removed. It would also work if the second database was updated on the fly (as data was entered and finalized into a field), or added incrementally as data is entered.


      Is there any solution that anybody has to offer other than constantly exporting or deleting fields and then saving under a different name. It is annoying to them to have to do this and too time consuming for me to do it for them (I am severely outnumbered).


      Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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          My question is - how are the cases submitted to review boards? In a FileMaker Pro database? As a PDF report? Even if it were a FileMaker Pro database, surely you would not be submitting all patient records and cases - just a found set?


          I am thinking that the solution lies in being able to export a found set of records using a scripted process. The script would do the de-identification and not export specific fields. With this in place, creating a file for the review board would be a very simple repeatable process.


          Do you have any details about how the review needs to be submitted? 

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            I am not at all 100% sure all the ways it is submitted. I believe they submit a copy electronically and once on paper. FMP is standard software for the review board and so I want to say they are submitted to them in filemaker format. We store these databases on a secure server and there are people who do not need to see the original version, but DO need to see the deidentified version. So essentially, the original is stored on a server for only the doctor to see, while the deidentified one can be seen to the researchers and people who reference these reports as they are updated. It is pretty critical that these databases (which are being updated pretty often) are as up to date as they can be, as often as they can be.


            A script would be awesome, I suppose I just need to learn where to start. Is there is a guide with script commands or basic FMP scripting rules?


            Right now, we just export as many times a day as needed, but it is time consuming, tedious, and the doctors get frustrated when they make a mistake while exporting, etc.


            Thanks for all the help.

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              Scripting in FileMaker is not at all as difficult as you might first belive. Basicly you can´t do anything more with scripts then you can do with FileMaker itself using the diffrent drop-down menus. The only thing a script does for you is performing more of these actions in a sequense.



              You have a table with organisations and one table with persons linked to the diffrent organisations. you want to e-mail all persons on a certin organisation.


              If you were to do this manually you would probobly start from the organisation layout. Copy the organisation nr (id) or the organisation title and the change layout to Persons. Enter find mode and paste the organisation nr (id) or the organisation title into the apropriate field, hit enter and violá, you have the persons linked to that organisation. You would then select "Send Mail" from the File menu.


              If you were to script this it is exactly the same! Parhaps copy/past is a bit outdated but i could be used.


              Goto the menu "Scripts" han select "ScriptMaker"


              Click the "New" button to create a new script.


              You will find all avalible commands to the left and you scripting area to the right. It is Click´n Drag..  you dont need to write the code yourself.


              Add the following scriptsteps to your script


              Set Variable ["$Organisation Nr"; Value: Organisation::Organisation Nr]

              Go to Layout ["Persons" (Persons)]

              Enter Find Mode []

              Set Field [Persons::Organisation Nr; $Organisation Nr]

              Perform Find []

              If [Get(foundcount) > 0]

              Send Mail [To: Persons::Email Adress]

              [End If]


              Nothing to cryptic there right? Just the same kind of steps you would take if you did id manually. What we done is that we used a script variable insted of copy/paste to bring the organisation ID into searchmode. We alse make sure we find atleast one person to send mail to.


              If you can understand and duplicate this script you are well on your way! There are a few guides on the web for FileMaker Scripting. I think I saw a few videos on youtube and there is always lynda.com


              Hope you take time to get into it.. scripting is very helpful!



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                Hi "uthscsaneurosurgery",


                Another idea...


                A. duplicate the layout with the info you need

                B. delete the unneeded fields from this new layout


                You could then add a 'review' field to the original layout that would indicate what records need review.  You could further automate the 'find' process (using a script) to locate the records needing review and 'display' these records in the new layout.


                You already have the necessary data, fields, layouts...  all you need to do is create a new field; a new layout; and a new script!


                Hope this helps...  Good Luck!!!