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Linking Databases / Outputting To Multiple Databases

Question asked by uthscsaneurosurgery on Nov 4, 2008
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Linking Databases / Outputting To Multiple Databases


Hey guys,


I work with Doctors who keep FMP databases to keep track of patients and cases, etc. The problem is that when they submit these cases to review boards, the data needs to be deidentified and have some of the data anonymized or removed completely. They would rather not have to make editions to their case logs, export and remove the fields, only to have to do so again later on in the day or week.


My question is if there is a way to link two databases together so that when the doctors save the database, the data is automatically populated in the second databases sans the fields that need to be removed. It would also work if the second database was updated on the fly (as data was entered and finalized into a field), or added incrementally as data is entered.


Is there any solution that anybody has to offer other than constantly exporting or deleting fields and then saving under a different name. It is annoying to them to have to do this and too time consuming for me to do it for them (I am severely outnumbered).


Any help is appreciated, thanks!