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Linking Fields between Records

Question asked by Magswell08 on Nov 3, 2009
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Linking Fields between Records


Hey Guys.


I'm rather new to FileMaker Pro 10, and am running it on my Mac.


I'm designing a database to keep track of the merchandise for the band that I work for. I've done fine getting the layouts designed, and figuring out most of the calculation formulas I need to use. I'm getting stuck when it comes to my inventory tracking though. Right now, each record is a new date. Each record contains the different styles of shirts, sizes, and prices for all our merchandise. It also tells me the starting inventory for each piece, and the ending inventory. But I need a new record, let's say tomorrow's date, to pull the inventory number from the last record. So basically, when I create a new record and specify the shirt, I need it to look up the last date's ending inventory for that shirt. 


Any help would be great! I haven't gotten into any scripts or any of the more intense formulas, so please make sure the answers are "newbie friendly."


Thanks! =)