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Linking fields to tables using templates

Question asked by braxton on Aug 8, 2011
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Linking fields to tables using templates


This seems like a basic question that I can't find the answer after searching high and low.  I apologize if it is a common and repeat post.

I have a table and layout of fields both of which I want to treat as a template and duplicate in the same file.  I am having trouble linking or relating the fields to the desired table.  Can I do this by selecting fields in bulk?  Or, do I have to do it one at a time?

Just to be clear:

I have Table A with Fields.  These field are on Layout A.  I duplicate Table A and call it Table B.  I create a new layout and label it Layout B and set it to "show" records from Table B.  I copy and past Layout A into Layout B.  In Browse Mode these fields now say "<Unrelated Table>".

I can double click on each field of Layout B and make it show from Table B.  Can I do this in bulk instead of individually?

Thanks so much.