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Linking Invoice (Cash Register) to Product selection with Pull Down Menu access

Question asked by BrentGaspard on Jul 8, 2015
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Linking Invoice (Cash Register) to Product selection with Pull Down Menu access


Hello FMP14 Forums ... (LONG QUESTION from old FMP6 user)

I am working my way through the "FMP-14 Essentials" training at Lynda - but, I need practical assistance specifically in understanding the "connection" for a "Field" on one "Table" to access data in another "Table" (or in a separate data file).

In simplest terms - how could the "Item" field in the FMP14 "Invoice" Starter Solution access the archive of available products from the "Product" Table as a dynamic PULL DOWN or POPUP menu to populate the Invoice with the latest Product Information?

I am trying to re-build a POS for my wife's salon which I designed way back in FMP6 - I need a "POS Register" function (Invoice) that will access an Inventory of Retail Products for sale and create a Transaction assigned to the Hairdresser by Value List pull down menu. At the end of each day, details for all transactions are compiled and summarized to balance checks, credit card and cash transactions for the day and create a deposit total. This Deposit form also summarizes the transactions for each Hairdresser by day if they wish to monitor their activity.

At the end of the week, we produce a Weekly report that guides our Payroll for reimbursing each Hairdresser accordingly and for capturing product, taxes and other key data.

I built a functioning system way back in FMP6 and have updated through FMP11 and now FMP14, but have not visited the FMP backend connections for years so the platform has become foreign to me once again.

This UPDATE has produced a functioning FMP14 system, however my Weekly reporting function which is driven by SCRIPT to go to each day's file to import records to produce the weekly report is no longer working.

I need to either

  1. Understand the connection between Invoice "ITEM" and Product data to redesign a new POS system
  3. Fix my broken SCRIPT function whereby i can once again produce our Weekly Report


Thank you,

Brent Gaspard