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Linking layouts using a portal

Question asked by NickLawrence on Aug 21, 2014
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Linking layouts using a portal


     Hi all,


     Probably not the best title for what I'm trying to do, but I have a portal on a layout (layout a) and I have another layout (layout b) which contains the details of the portal on layout a, I'm trying to link these together using a field on both of them Contract Number. I did a similar thin using and Auto Enter Calculation (replacing existing value) the calculation looks like this $$Po_Number. Must have got this from someone off this forum in the past but as it was such a while ago I can't remember what I did. I have tried a similar formula to see if it worked but it doesn't. So I have two fields, both called Contract No, I have set the 'Contract No' field in layout b to an auto enter calculation with the following $$Contract_No but it doesn't seem to be doing anything so I think I may have missed something.

     Basically I'm trying to keep the information in layout b linked by using the Contract No field to tie them together.


     Any help greatly appreciated.


     Many thanks