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    linking layouts,tables and DBs



      linking layouts,tables and DBs



      I want to set up a layout that is independant of what record is being browsed.  This layout will allow people to check out resources but should not be tied to the records being browsed or change per record.  I want to create a button to navigate to this resource check out page and back to the records.  If I create a new DB how do I create a script to go back and forth.  If I don't create a new DB, how do I make it independant of what record is being browsed?


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      To clarify,

      We have a number of virtual machines and each vm has software that has multiple licenses that can be checked out to perform different functions.  I basically created two fields for each VM.  One with a dropdown of users so they can assign it to them and another listing all the licenses as checkboxes.  I basically want to have a button in our main filemaker DB where we have all our records located so a user can click and go to the "Checkout" layout, assign themselves to a VM and check the licenses they are using so another user can then see what VMs are free and who is using which license and check oit (or back in) their own.  I want to then be able to click a button to navigate back to our documents database. 


      I hope this calirifies what I am trying to do....

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          Sounds like you need to define a set of fields with global storage for this layout, but it's hard to be sure as you don't really tell us much about how this layout will be used. How will they use this layout to "check out resources"?

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            I basically set up two fields.  Both Global.  Both Text fields.  One has a value list of names of users and one has a value list of resources (licenses in this case).  I want a user to be able to go to this layout and select their name and which licenses they are using.  We basically have 30 VM's.  I set up a user field and a licenses field for each VM so if I am using VM01 I go to the user field next to VM01 and choose may name from the dropdown and then choose the licenses from the VM01 licenses field (value list of check boxes).