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    Linking Multiple Forms



      Linking Multiple Forms


      1)If I am using FilemakerFileMaker Pro Advanced, and I create my own custom forms, is there a way for the user to move from one from to another?  For example, If I have a customer form (Name, Address, etc) and a scheduling form (ex when a customer will receive a visit from a technician, and a history form (of all the work we have done for that customer in the past), can these three forms be linked in an intelligent way.  By intelligent, I mean that once I have entered a unique identifier for the customer (perhaps an account number), can I just click and move between these forms easily? Assume we would be using either Apple and/or Windows.

      2) Can I do the same thing on the IPad and IPhone?

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          This can all be set up for filemaker pro and filemaker go. I highly recommend advanced for all development work, but this particular issue can be handled identically whether you have Pro or Advanced.

          Assuming that you have these relationships:

          Customers::AccountID = Schedule::AccountID
          Customers::AccountID = History::AccountID

          Then you can use:

          If ( Schedule::AccountID //check to see if any related records exist ]
             Go To Related Record [Show only related records; From table: Schedule; Using layout: "Schedule" (Schedule)]
          End If

          To switch to the Schedule layout and show only those scheduling records that exist for that customer.

          If ( History::AccountID //check to see if any related records exist ]
             Go To Related Record [Show only related records; From table: History; Using layout: "History" (History)]
          End If

          Would do the same for the History Form.

          You can also write scripts that perform finds for these records instead of scripts that use go to related records. In those cases, the relatiosnhip is not required in order for the script to work, but you'll likely need those relationships anyway.

          You can also write scripts that switch layouts, start a new record and then enter the accountID number from the previous layout--which may be a better option for your scheduling table.