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    Linking music



      Linking music


      I've written a Music Publishing program in FileMaker Pro 10 and am using a Container field to link the music of each song.  My problem is that I'm always working on a copy of the program, updating, changing, etc. and when I get the new, updated information the way I want it, I need to import all of my data into the new, updated copy of the program and the music that is linked to each song does not import. 


      Is there someway that the music can be stored within FileMaker so that when I import the music is still there?


      Thanks for your help.


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          Music linked to Song?

          Music meaning audio files, meaning sheet music, meaning links to websites?

          Song meaning Kashmir or the band or the covers? 

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            Anything concerning a song shows on one layout, songwriters, publishers, awards, etc. Each song has been demoed and we have an MP3 file on it in another folder on the hard drive. I'm linking the MP3 to a Container on this layout. 


            Does that help?

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              There are many times when I have found it helpful to separate binaries from an application - usually related to size (gigs of data) and the need to move forward without the handicap of relatively static binary files as well as reducing technical risks.


              What does that mean - a multi-file fmp solution.


              e.g.  application.fp7 & music.fp7 - together providing the solution.


              It requires a permanent reference id or serial number for the music record - created in a separate file and attached by reference to the main application file - that one can reference from the other records.


              This is difficult to adequately describe in text and in the time allowed - if you want use data separation model is this manner let me know and I will provide an example. 


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                and the music that is linked to each song does not import. 


                That suprises me. I don't have mp3 files to test, but on other files with container fields, inserted data (store by reference and the actual file) all imports correctly just like any other field.


                Are you sure the mp3 files don't import?


                How are they stored?


                By reference?

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                  The MP3 files don't import because they are located in another folder on my hard drive and when I import to the new, updated FileMaker program the link is broke, 

                  that's why I was wondering if there is a way to have a folder within FileMaker that can hold the MP3's and then link to that folder.


                  Did you understand all that???

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                    Yes I understand that.


                    The information that is missing or at least not clear yet is 1) are you importing a reference or the actual file into a container?


                    When you state new updated FileMaker program - 2) are you referring to your application development file?


                    What 3) tables are in the file and what are the steps you take to update/import/etc. into this new updated file?  


                    There are ways to preserve/move/store links and reacquire them - there are ways to import them anew and match them - there is not enough information yet to help solve the problem. 



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                       I was wondering if there is a way to have a folder within FileMaker that can hold the MP3's and then link to that folder


                      Not within filemaker.


                      Why not simply move your updated file to the same folder as your older copy? You just have to rename your older copy to something different first.

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                        Well now, that sounds like a good  idea (I guess you can tell I'm new at this).  How do I go about moving my new, updated one to the old one?




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                          Exit filemaker.

                          Use your mouse to select and re-name the older version of your file (or drag it into a different folder).

                          Use your mouse to drag your new file into the folder/windows where your older file is located.


                          Re-open your new file and the by reference containers should now work again.