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Linking objects/files/documents to FM

Question asked by ccarr on Jul 7, 2011
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Linking objects/files/documents to FM


I have been reading some posts, but am not sure of the correct solution to my problem.

We use FileMaker for a number of databases.  One of those is for applications to our program.  (We are a graduate school.) The application is downloaded from a company via the internet.  It comes in a PDF form.  We store the PDF documents on our network drive for the program.  We insert a link to the PDF document into a container field by using "insert-object."  Two of us using PCs and having full-access security can insert the documents and view them without any problem.  We also have Adobe Acrobat X Pro. Those that do not have full-access nor Adobe X Pro, but PCs cannot do so.  Those with Mac laptops also can not view the document.  From what I have read on the forum, this may be do to a conflict between FM & Adobe.  Any suggestions as to how this can be handled efficiently between Adobe & FM?