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Linking records

Question asked by MacCoon on Nov 8, 2009
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Linking records




I am familiar with SmarTeam (Oracle dB) and totally new to FileMaker Pro.  In SmarTeam each object has a profile card with attributes (not sure what the equivalent is called in FileMaker Pro) where I define the object via attributes and it's associated electronic file (e.g. A PDF, Word Doc, Excel Doc, etc.)  In SmarTeam when two or more objects are related (externally) I can create a Document to Document Link within the database.  For instance; I have three objects related to a particular part number (common attribute) such as a Specification, Procedure, or Calculation, and want all three objects in the database to show a 'General Link' to each other. The nice thing about this linkage is you can view the related document(s) when a search for any one is found. 


Is this possible with FileMaker Pro? Please advise what that mechanism is. How do I display the links?


Thanks in advance for your reply.


Should this question be in a different forum?  Which one?