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Linking Records

Question asked by Mitch on Aug 16, 2010
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Linking Records


I have a database that has records of a large number of people.  I would like to link two people (two records) on the layout.  A visual link on one records layout to a related records layout and means of switching between the two.

Mainly because they are relatives, or some other relationship.  

My first attempt was to create a link field (LinkID), with a drop down list (lookup) where all Surnames where listed along with the automatically generated ID for the record, RecordID. Where I selcted the related record.

Then create a script that uses a variable to open the related record:

Set Variable [$LinkID ; Value:Main_Page::LinkID]

Got to Related Record [Lookup (Main_Page::RecordID ; $LinkID)]

However, its does not function. The script selects the correct variable but wants to open a record where the $LinkID and the Record Number (@@) are the same.... 

One answer would to replace RecordID with Record Number.  But record numbers changes with every deletion and vary and the Link will change to an unrelated record.  Automatically generate ID do not.

I am obviously on the wrong track....

Does anyone have some ideas, I am sure it's been done before...