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Linking records

Question asked by RuthCopping on Apr 16, 2015
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Linking records


We are an Arts Charity and use Filemaker Pro V10 as our database where we hold details of people who we send our brochure out to as well as the details of events and workshops we run. 

We have it set out in 4 tabs, show, workshops, venues and contacts with records in each. I am trying to find out if we are able to link several records in one tab (contacts) to 1 record in another tab (workshops) so we can use it as a booking system to record who has booked on to each workshop and be able to access that information in the future. 

At the moment we are using Excel spreadsheets to record the delegates and in putting the details on to Filemaker afterwards but are not able to link the 2 sets of records 

Any help or ideas would be great as we can not afford to buy a brand new system at the moment.