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Linking records and updating shared fields

Question asked by jtoynbee on Feb 9, 2010
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Linking records and updating shared fields


Using FM10 on iMac G5, OS10.4. Newish to FM.


I've built a DB to track academic book reviews. I have three tables: books (1 record per book, fields with bibliographic details and milestone dates), reviewers (contact information) and publishers (contact information) all interrelated via ID number keys and working fine. Most books are reviewed individually and this is working fine. However, some are grouped to form double book reviews and some into groups of 3–10 books for a review article.


I am trying to find the best way to link records in the books table in such cases. So that, for instance, one doesn't have to update the project milestones (book disptached, deadline, review received and so on) in each book's record. Not all the fields will be behave in this way however, the book titles will of course be different so too the publisher ID and publisher name fields, and so I need to link them in such away that I can choose which common fields will update together across the set of records, leaving the others with their individual data.


Suggestions please and, if you have the time, an idiot's guide to setting it up.