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Linking Records between Offices

Question asked by fjnichols on Aug 14, 2015
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Linking Records between Offices


I am having problems linking data between solutions and need help with finding clear instructions on the process.

My situtation is as follows:

I have a set of records in what I'll call  "Head Office". it is a contact list that contains "Performance Records" for each individual. 

There are a number of "Sub-Offices" that contain the same information as the "Head Office" with the exception that the data contained in the "Performance Record" changes from time to time.

I want to build a solution that will update The "Head Office" solution when any of the "Sub-office" changes its data. ( sort of a many to one relationship).

is there a Filemaker Lesson on how this is done, ( a Filemaker for Dummies level )? My level of expertise is basic with Bento as my background and self taught.

Thanks, Jim