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    Linking Records between Offices



      Linking Records between Offices


      I am having problems linking data between solutions and need help with finding clear instructions on the process.

      My situtation is as follows:

      I have a set of records in what I'll call  "Head Office". it is a contact list that contains "Performance Records" for each individual. 

      There are a number of "Sub-Offices" that contain the same information as the "Head Office" with the exception that the data contained in the "Performance Record" changes from time to time.

      I want to build a solution that will update The "Head Office" solution when any of the "Sub-office" changes its data. ( sort of a many to one relationship).

      is there a Filemaker Lesson on how this is done, ( a Filemaker for Dummies level )? My level of expertise is basic with Bento as my background and self taught.

      Thanks, Jim




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          I suggest one of the following approaches:

          a) get rid of the separate files at the sub offices. Set them up to access the same database as your Head-Office. Then you will not have any discrepancies in your data. Unless you contract with a FileMaker Hosting service, you'll need to either figure out "port forwarding" or hire a knowledgeable person to set it up for you so that your sub offices can access the database through a port opened in the firewall that enables this access.

          b) there are "synch" tools for FileMaker Go and Filemaker Pro produced by third party developers such as 360Works and SeedCode. The SeedCode tool at least, don't know about 360Work's version, can synch either FileMaker Pro or FileMaker GO files. Synching data without losing data is not a simple thing to set up so having an expert do it for you makes a lot of sense though it will cost you some $$ you wont' have to spend if you develop this for yourself.