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Linking records from a populated table (Help with relationships)

Question asked by TomTilmant on Mar 17, 2012
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Linking records from a populated table (Help with relationships)


I'm just started learning filemaker pro and have been going through the online video training for the past few weeks.   I'm starting a project where I want to assign soccer fields for our club.    The fields have different availability times so when I get a game request, I need to look up which fields are available for the game.    So I'm trying to understand how I can get a list of available fields and times for a requested date and select  one that will be assigned to the game then that field/time becomes unavailable from the list for the next game.  Also if a game gets change to another field and time, that the site comes available in the pool. 

I have created two tables which are:

Table  = games  Fields = game_number, game_date, site, time

Table = site Fields = date, time, site, game_number

I populated the site table with date, fields and available times

I know how to create a new record with a link, my problem is that the site table already has data so I need to understand how to make the one to one link when selected by the games table.  Now, I'm not sure if I need to set my relationship by game_number or date.  If I set the relationship by date, then I can create a popup that shows all the games in the site table, but I'm not sure how I link the selected record to the games table and prevent it from being seen again.  If I set the relationship the game_number, it still will show the popup but I still don't know how to link.  

My popup displays all records from the site tables.  First field is time and second field is site

I appreciate any guidance and help.