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    Linking remote DB to local image folder querry



      Linking remote DB to local image folder querry


      Three questions regarding creating a path between a hosted FM DB and images on a local drive. 

      We have a remotely hosted FM DB running on a filemaker server and several employees working in the field on both Mac's & PC's.  The DB contains contact information and on each employees computer are images relating to their contacts.

      We would like to script a file path so that based on the log-on FM would recognize the file path to that local image folder and display the images that go with the contacts. 

      Additionally when a new record is created and named the same as a corresponding image in the local image file, FM would display that image in the container on commitment.  If there is no corresponding image in the local image file then "No Image" would be displayed in the container instead.  

      Finally, could FM recognize the correct corresponding image regardless of image extension .jpg, pdf, png? 
      Thank you 

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          Thank you for your post.


          When a user inserts an image as a reference, the entire path is stored.  If the user changes machines, then the images will not display, since FileMaker Pro is looking for those images in a specific place.  Even if you host the file on another server, when the client accesses the file on the server, the path relates to the local user.  If no file is present, then it will remain blank.


          Yes, FileMaker Pro will recognize the image if it is JPEG or PNG.  If you are on a Mac, then PDF will show as an image, and it will show as an image on Windows if inserted on a Mac.  Otherwise, it will display as a file if inserted with Windows.



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