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      I have three tables: donor; donation; and contact


      I have a donor primary key serial numbered in the donor table.

      I have a donor foreign key in both the donation and contact tables.


      When I go to the layout page I can enter information such as donor name address etc.

      I am locked out of the other two tables even though it shows I am connected to the correct tables.


      Why can't I enter information such as donation amount, date of donation on this page? 


      I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!! 

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          Hi Monty


          Welcome to the forum 


          Are you trying to enter the Donation information into the portal from the Donor record? If so make sure you have the option 'Allow creation of records in this table via this relationship' ticked on the Donation side of the relationship you setup in the Relationship Graph. 

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            Thanks for contacting me,

            I'm not sure.

            I created a page by copying the donor page. I then created fields and linked the section to my donation table (I think) and did the same for the Contacts table.


            Not sure where to check that link but I'l go looking right now.



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              I can't find anything to make these work.


              How about dumping everything into one table and just call up reports. Will that work?



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                Hi Monty,


                Sounds like the layout may be referencing the wrong table, or the relationships are setup incorrectly, Its hard to say without looking at the file itself, is there anyway you can post a clone of the file, send me a message back channel if you like. and I can have a look at the setup and see if I can help.

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                  I got them linked.


                  Thanks so much for your help! 

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                       No worries, Glad you got it to work.