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linking tables

Question asked by imgaryshap on Sep 9, 2009
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linking tables




Here's what I have:

- Two separate tables

- One is essentially contact management based to keep track of Pitches (i'm in the TV business), which we'll call EXTERNAL PITCH LOG.  Title, Date pitched, and date passed, along with contact information (name, contact info, etc).

- The other table (which we'll call DEVELOPMENT TRACKING) is a much bigger compilaton tracking all our development.  I only need some of the EXTERNAL PITCH LOG date within the DEVELOPMENT TRACKING table.   new records in this table contain a field with a pop-up menu giving the choice of either "Internal" or "External"


Here's what I need help with (because I would love to make this happen):

When I open a new record  in the EXTERNAL PITCH LOG table I would like it to automatically create a new record in the DEVELOPMENT TRACKING table, than automatically choose "External" as the source in "source" field in the DEVELOPMENT TRACKING file, then  automatically fill in the "Title" and "Date Pitched" fields.

- When in the DEVELOPMENT TRACKING file, I then want the "Title" field to be a hyperlink or button that when I click on it, will send me back to the detailed info record in the EXTERNAL PITCH LOG table.

- When I insert data into the "Date Passed" field in the DEVELOPMENT TRACKING LOG, I want that info to be imported in the corresponding record in the EXTERNAL PITCH LOG.

- Finally, I initially created these two tables as separate databases.  I want the DEVELOPMENT TRACKING table to reflect the  number of records in the EXTERNAL PITCH LOG now that I have imported that database as its own table.  


Can it be done?  and if so - any idea how to do it?


Thanks so much!