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    Linking Tables



      Linking Tables


       I want to create a Faculty Database with two tables, one with basic information and the other with teaching history. The two tables should be linked in such a way that when a new record is created in the basic information table, FileMaker will automatically populate the first and last name in the teaching history table. How do I do this? I've tried creating relationships, specifying a look up value... but no luck. Help!!

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          First thing is not to define name fields in the teaching history table. If you have the tables correctly linked, you can use the name fields in the basic info table any time you need names.

          Define this relationship:

          Faculty::__pk_FacultyID = TeachingHistory::_fk_FacultyID

          __pk_FacultyID should be defined as an auto-entered serial number field.


          Should be a number field. If you enable "allow creation of records via this relationship for TeachingHistory in this relationship, you can add a portal to TeachingHistory on your faculty layout and add new history records for a given member of the faculty by entering data directly in the portal. You can also set up a data entry layout for teaching history that is based on TeachingHistory and then you can set up _fk_FacultyID as a drop down list or pop up menu of ID's with a name field inclided as the second field in order to link a new history record to a specific member of the faculty.