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linking tables and autopopulating fields

Question asked by gas96 on Oct 8, 2009
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linking tables and autopopulating fields


im a doctor and setting up up a patient datbase for record keeping purposes, i already pay a good sum for billing purposes but i want my own data for my own use, and move from paper to computer based records

now im a newbie at filemaker and are using FM pro v8;have searched through this forum but cant get things the way i want

i have set several tables all with their own autogenerating ID numbers

viz patients-demographics

    hospitals- contact no's and address

    contact assessment episodes- 'where', 'when' and 'condition' at that time

    contact procedures- again 'where when and what'

patients is parent of other files; linked through relationship graph via ID numbers, patient table has primary key of own ID no, contact tables have their own id's and have patient ID as foreign key

now i know a basis of database design is not to repeat data among tables

thus i want to be able to select patient as person who contact was encountered with but with patient id as linking data it it not intuitive to use this as opposed to name

have got a book about filemaker-> my reading is as follows, portals are for looking at child views from parent view, i want the other way around. thus i managed to set up lookup with pt surname having set this as value field based on Patient table

;but over a year will get 1000+ patients, this will mean very long list. also ineed to see surname, forname and dob to ensure i have right client to put in contact table. so i want to be able to filter names so ican drill down to right person, press enter and have their ID put in as foreign key

read a post here and followed the suggestion, ie i set up layout (for contact episode) and then inserted fields based on parent(patient) table (Viz surname,first name and dob) but cant get it to work, as i said i need some way of filtering right patient

also have set up relationships allowing patient table to create new records in child table( contacts)

do i need to some programming to achieve this ?. BTW i was using open office base recently and was able to get list of patients by creating a view of a query

all help appreciated