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    Linking tables and databases



      Linking tables and databases



           I need to link a number of tables, these will include: contact/address details, product details, asset details, test results.

           I have started putting together separate databases.  

           Should these be separate linked databases or just tables within the same database?  I am a little confused with the terminology.


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               I'd try to leave "database" as a term not used as it is too vague to use in this context. A database system can consist of one or more files and each file in that system can define one or more tables. All the tables in all the files can be linked to each other in relationships as needed to make your solution do what you want it to do.

               While there are many good reasons to set up a solution with more than one file, people new to the process would be best served to put all their tables in one file until they gain a better working knowledge of FileMaker as that makes for a slightly simpler way to set things up.

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                 Thank you, that helps.

                 I am very new to FMP, and have set them up as separate files.  After reading the various tutorials I cannot work out how I would make a different table within the same file?

                 How is it done please?

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                   Open Manage | database.

                   Click the tables tab.

                   Enter a name for the new table.

                   Click Create.

                   Then click the fields tab and define fields for this new table. Use the Relationships tab to link table occurrences in relationships.

                   On that same relationships tab, you can click the bottom left button to add a new table occurrence and use the "Add FileMaker Data source" option to add a reference to a table from one of your other tables so that you can link to it and access the data to it almost as though that table was defined in the same table to begin with.

                   You can also use Import Records to select an existing file and then specify "new table" as the target table to copy that table and its data into a different file.

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                     Thank you Phil, brilliant help.