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Linking Tables for Licensing Database

Question asked by AdamAshworth on Oct 19, 2012
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Linking Tables for Licensing Database


     Hello, I am trying to build a simple licensing database, and would appreciate any and all advice on how to do so.

     I have a database in Filemaker 11 with one table with hardware information, and one table with software information. My desire is to have a way of setting it so that in the software layout, I can record what machines the applciations are installed upon. I'd also like to create a similar setup so that through the hardware layout, I can see what software is installed on each machine.

     To do so, I created a third table for tracking licensing. The fields in this databse are a licensing ID, software ID, hardware ID, hardware name, and software name. I have a portal in the Software layout linking to the Licensing table, with only one field - Licensing::Hardware Name. That is keyed to a dropdown with a value list matching all the values in the Hardware::Hardware Name. When I select an item from Hardware, a record in the Licensing table is created. Likewise, I have a portal in the Hardware layout linking to the LIcensing table with the field Licensing::Software Name. That is keyed to a dropdown with a value list matching all of the values in Software::Software Name. Adding the entries through the portal does not link the hardware with the software as I would like - creating an entry through the software layout will add the software ID correctly, but not fill in the hardware ID with the hardware name I select from the dropdown, and vice versa. I have the Licensing::Hardware ID and Licensing::Software ID fields set calculate based on the corresponding fields in Hardware and Software (Hardware::Hardware ID and Software::Software ID).

     Here is a list of the relevant fields and the tables they are in:

     Software::Software ID, Software::Software Name
     Hardware::Hardware ID, Hardware::Hardware Name
     Licensing::Licensing ID, Licensing::Software ID (calculation=Software::Software ID), Licensing::Hardware ID (calculation=Hardware::Hardware ID), Licensing::Software Name, Licensing::Hardware Name

     The two fields in the Software Table are set as related to the two same named fields in the Licensing table, and likewise with the two in the Hardware table. I have it set in the relationship that entries can be created and deleted between the two tables.

     I've hit a wall trying to get this to work, which is especially frustrating as I keep on deleting my test entries and having to create them when I delete the licensing entries.

     Thanks in advance to those who have the time to assist!