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Linking the same table with two occurences

Question asked by AndrewJudd on Mar 10, 2015
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Linking the same table with two occurences



hi there, i'm trying to get my consignments table to link to my clients table in the same way my invoice table does.

ie. you can cross reference the consignment details in the client section, like you can with invoieces. I've attempted to follow the same formula (see attached).

The issue I'm having (I think) is that as the graph limits you to no more than one relational path between. The script that I use when adding a client from the clients table to a new consignment record (which I'll include below too) does pull the correct client id from the client table but it puts it into clients 2 so the relationship isn't complete.

In invoices I have it so you can click the name of the client and I have a button which goes to the related record. When you click on the name of the client in consignments (with the same button) nothing happens.

Very difficult to explain but perhaps somone can help from looking at the attached.. thank you