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Linking to an external data source

Question asked by wbanks on May 27, 2011
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Linking to an external data source


This question is so simple, but maybe there's something about FM that I don't understand.

TBL A contains field UNIQUEID.  TBL B is an external database containing UNIQUEID, FIELD001 and FIELD002.  I don't believe that this matters, but [B].[UNIQUEID] and [B].[FIELD001] are themselves being pulled from a different source.

I've gone through Manage / External Data Sources and added DB B.  As a side note, the FMNET path requires a login and password... which I enter.

TBL B now appears as a choice in Manage Database / Relationships.  I link [A].[UNIQUEID] and [B].[UNIQUEID].

In the layout, I add all fields from both databases.

It's at this point that I expect to enter information into [A].[UNIQUEID] and see the results from the DB B fields... but that's not happening.

Importing the data from TBL B is not an option as it's not static (with the exception of UNIQUEID).