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Linking to an image hosted on a web server to display a thumbnail in Filemaker

Question asked by AmberSaundry on Jul 3, 2012
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Linking to an image hosted on a web server to display a thumbnail in Filemaker


Hi all,

I'm sure variations of this question have been asked before, but I can't find a clear answer in the Help documents or forums.

I have a specimen catalogue database.  Each specimen has a unique accession number.  We have images of these specimens, stored on a web server, of which the file name matches the accession number.

I've previously created a calculation field to automatically calculate the web address, which is conditional on an "Imaged" field that gets marked when that specimen has an image.  I assigned this web address to a button in my layout, so when it is clicked one is brought to the associated image:
If(vwsp::Imaged="Yes"; "http://[webadresshere]/Large_web/" & vwsp::Accession Number & ".jpg"; "")

I'd love if a small image of the specimen could be displayed in Filemaker, as opposed to clicking a button.  I do not want to actually insert the images into the database (would make the file huge & unstable), but was wondering if there was just a way to have Filemaker "link" to the web server when there is a match to display the image.

I tried creating a container field and auto-entering a calculated value based on the same calculation as above, but nothing displays.  Is there any way to show an image on a web server via a calculation, without actually importing the image into the database?

Any help is appreiciated.  Thank you!