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    Linking Two Databases - Newbie



      Linking Two Databases - Newbie


      Hi guys, very new to FM and I need some help. :S


      I've created 2 databases using the templates provided on FM10: 'Task Management' and 'Contact Management'. I've modified some of the fields on both templates to suit my needs.


      Now, what I need to do is somehow link them together. Currently on the Task Management DB I can create a Contact and a Task. Then I can assign one of those Contacts I've created to a Task I've already created...


      BUT what I want to do is the following: in the Task Management DB, I wanna be able to be assign a contact from my Contact Management DB to a Task, and even simply to the Contact tab of that Task Mgmt. database. I wouldn't even need to see all the fields. Just a 'Full Name' field where I can choose a contact from my Contact Management DB would be enough. Then once I click on that name, it can open it up on the Contact Management DB.


      How can I do that?


      Please forgive me if this is very simple and/or I'm not expressing myself clearly. If you can give me step by step instructions or point me to a previous post with the solution I would really appreciate it. I've been searching the forums but I can't find a solution... :(



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          A relationship is a link between (in your case) a field in Tasks and a field in Contacts.

          If Tasks has a field called Name and the Contacts has a field called Name, in Manage Database if you view relationships and drag either NAME to the other NAME, you have a relationship.

          Whatever Contacts::NAME is equal to Tasks::NAME with allow you to create fields from one in the other.

          Maybe a drop dead simple new database with two tables and few simple fields would allow some practice??? 

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            Does the reply above answer the question of how to link two databases? Seems to me your answer describes how to link two tables in the same database. What's being asked is how to link tables across databases, but I'm new to FM so what do I know anyway.