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Linking Two Databases - Newbie

Question asked by guibara on Sep 4, 2009
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Linking Two Databases - Newbie


Hi guys, very new to FM and I need some help. :S


I've created 2 databases using the templates provided on FM10: 'Task Management' and 'Contact Management'. I've modified some of the fields on both templates to suit my needs.


Now, what I need to do is somehow link them together. Currently on the Task Management DB I can create a Contact and a Task. Then I can assign one of those Contacts I've created to a Task I've already created...


BUT what I want to do is the following: in the Task Management DB, I wanna be able to be assign a contact from my Contact Management DB to a Task, and even simply to the Contact tab of that Task Mgmt. database. I wouldn't even need to see all the fields. Just a 'Full Name' field where I can choose a contact from my Contact Management DB would be enough. Then once I click on that name, it can open it up on the Contact Management DB.


How can I do that?


Please forgive me if this is very simple and/or I'm not expressing myself clearly. If you can give me step by step instructions or point me to a previous post with the solution I would really appreciate it. I've been searching the forums but I can't find a solution... :(