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Linking two or more databases together via scripts and relationships

Question asked by kev on Mar 11, 2010
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Linking two or more databases together via scripts and relationships


Hi there.

I am new to File Maker and really need some help linking two or more datases together.


I work with a Tape Library system and am trying to set up a library database for logging in and out tapes. I also want to create a Tape Labelling System, and a Tape Record Reporting system (slips of paper which go with each tape to detail its contents)


My plan is to link all three databases together, starting with the Tape Labelling Database. I have gotten as far as creating all the required fields etc and would really like to set up a system in which a button on my Tape Label database which would be clicked and my Record Report database would open, and taking the information from my Tape Label database, filling in all the fields. And then from there, another button, logging in the tape into my Tape Library Database.


I have spent quite some time looking into performing scripts and relationships and have managed to teach myself slightly and grasp a basic understanding of how it should work, but I've come to a dead end and am stuck.


I would really appreciate any help that could be given in explaining how to link databases together.


Many thanks.






File Maker Pro 10

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit