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Linking two Tables in the same Database

Question asked by MaxTurner on Jul 3, 2013
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Linking two Tables in the same Database


     I have a fairly basic contacts database with 2 contacts-related Tables in there (Contacts & Carers)

     I've just added the Carers table to the database. In my Contacts Layout i have added a tab called 'Carer' and basically what I want is all the contact info from the Carers Table in that tab.

     So each person in my Contacts table will have 1 Carer

     I would like it to be set up so that i type the name of the Carer - it brings up a list of all Carers in my Carer table - I select the Carer I want and all the other contact info (address, tel no.s etc) will come up automatically.

     Can anybody help? Or point in the direction of a guide/tutorial online - can't quite find one appropriate.