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    Linking/Looking up data from multiple tables



      Linking/Looking up data from multiple tables


      Ok I will try to make this as generic as possible


      I have a table.  Table A we will call it.  This is the main table used for importing records.  Once data is imported I need to compose a form that has related data from Table A, B, and C for a report, but only certain fields from each table.  I suppose Table A has a "unique identifier" that will be used for this purpose.


      My question is, is this something you do via a script?  Or should I add a new table with required fields for report, link it to the other tables in question, and then format some command? Based off the unique ID number?   What would that command look like?


      Thanks for any help. 

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          Ok, maybe this is not possible.  Or maybe I asked the wrong way...


          Table B and C have information relating to the "working" Table A.  i.e. addresses, item numbers etc etc...records that are "fixed".  What I want to do is pull certain fields from those 2 tables to go along with certain fields in the update table A, to form these reports.  Think of Table A as a "ordering" table.  (trying to use inventory examples, though this database is not that at all...but I feel it would make more sense using those terms)


          I hope that makes more sense, maybe it doesn't :)



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            Howdy jd2775,

            Thanks for the posts, but I must admit I'm not sure what you're after.


            Are you asking about how to link three tables together?

              Under File>Define>Database, select the "Relationships" tab and you'll see a graphical reference to your tables.  Drag the Identifier field from Table A to the corresponding linking field in Table B.  A line will show up that connects them and they are now related tables.  Do the same for Tables A and C and you're done. (?)


            In a layout, you can now put fields from Table B and/or Table C onto a layout associated with Table A and have them populate correctly with the related information.


            If this isn't what you're after...please try again.  Please keep it simple, but at the same time, give all the pertinent info.