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    Linking/Searching PDF files to specific records



      Linking/Searching PDF files to specific records


           Need some newbie help...

           I have a database that is working properly but need direction on how to automate my invoicing process.

           I have the working script in place that will create an invoice and save it as a PDF with the option to either Email or Print the document by user choice.  This script will also save the PDF in a specific separate folder.   The PDF is saved as CustomerName, TheirReference#, OurReference#.PDF format.

           Some customers require different types of back up documentation to accompany their invoices and here is where I am totally lost on how to script.

           I would like to select a single record to invoice, have FileMaker go to the PDF holding folder, collect ALL documents that contain this specific reference number, and then print them all in order.

           Is this something that I can accomplish?

           Any and all help on this is most appreciated.

           Thank you ALL!

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               That may or may not be possible and there may be alternatives that will work.

               Are these all PDF's saved from your Database?

               If not, Are these PDF's single page or multiple page documents?

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                 The actual invoice is created from the database directly. 

                 The other items are scanned, named with our reference number and saved in the same folder as the Invoices.  The scanned images are sometimes single sheet and often can be multiple sheets.  As an example, we collect documents from different sources throughout the day, and each stop or collection is saved as one PDF with multiple pages.  There can be many stops, many PDF's that will need tobe  attached to the customer's invoice.

                 Thanks for such a quick response Sir.

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                   Then printing out all of these from FileMaker alone cannot be done. If each scanned document was a single page, we could take a shot at using large container fields for displaying the file contents for printing purposes.

                   FileMaker could open all of the PDF's and then you can print each from the application that has opened the PDF's, but to automatically print them would require creating a system script that can print them and using FileMaker to print them. The exact details for that, if it is even possible, depends on whether you are doing this on a Mac or Windows platform.

                   And you might do a web search to see if any Plug ins offer any added capabilities for working with PDF files.

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                Is it possible for you to offer a script suggestion on how to at least get me in a position to search the separate folder and retrieve all the associated pdf files with the specific records reference number? I think if I can get the system to pull all the related scans, I can work around the printing issue. Also, will this procedure allow me to show the found set of pdf's in a thumbnail directly in the original record? Thank you again, and looking foward to your scripting suggestion.
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                       Each such PDF should be inserted (can be inserted "by reference") into a container field in a related table, one record for each such document and linked by InvoiceID to  your invoice table. IT will not matter to the database whether these files are in separate folders for each invoice or all in one folder.

                       Then opening the files in "preview" or a PDF reader is simply a matter of using a script to pull up the set of related records for that invoice and looping through them to use Export Field Contents or Go to Field (Files must be inserted with insert file, store a reference for go to field to open the file.) to open the files in your computer's designated application for opening PDF files.