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Linking/Searching PDF files to specific records

Question asked by Jtmwalk on Sep 24, 2013
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Linking/Searching PDF files to specific records


     Need some newbie help...

     I have a database that is working properly but need direction on how to automate my invoicing process.

     I have the working script in place that will create an invoice and save it as a PDF with the option to either Email or Print the document by user choice.  This script will also save the PDF in a specific separate folder.   The PDF is saved as CustomerName, TheirReference#, OurReference#.PDF format.

     Some customers require different types of back up documentation to accompany their invoices and here is where I am totally lost on how to script.

     I would like to select a single record to invoice, have FileMaker go to the PDF holding folder, collect ALL documents that contain this specific reference number, and then print them all in order.

     Is this something that I can accomplish?

     Any and all help on this is most appreciated.

     Thank you ALL!