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    Linking? databases



      Linking? databases


      I have 3 FMP databases. The information fields in each are different, though some, such as name, are the same. To my understanding they are separate databases. These are research dbs with information gathered from different sources so combing them all in one db would be difficult, large and might not be the best use.

      Can I insert a field in one that would reference the other 2? 

      If not, can I create a db that references all 3?


      I have been using FMP for a long time but am trying to get more use out of the thousands of records that I have.


      Any help or suggestions appreciated.



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          You have two issues here: setting up fields and values to properly relate the data in each file and working through the steps to actually link the files to each other.


          The first issue is most critical. To link the records in two files via a relationship, you must have a field in both files that stores exactly the same type of data (number, text, date...) and if two records are related, these two fields must have exactly the same value. You can match your records by name to get started, but you'll want to move to matching serial number type ID values as soon as possible. You'll also have to analyze how the data is related, one to one, one to many, many to many? Each type of relationship has its own requirements for getting the relationship and your layouts working correctly.


          The second issue is easier. You can link tables in two files just as though they were in the same file once you tell Filemaker how to find the related table.


          Enter Manage | Database | Relationships.

          Click the new Table Occurrence button. (Leftmost button at bottom of window)

          Select "Add Filemaker Data Source" from the data source drop down and select the file that contains the table to which you want to link.

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            Thanks for this. Sorry for the delay in replying - I have been out of town and had email problems.
            I will try this approach.