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Links database with Sage Line 50

Question asked by sullivan01 on Mar 18, 2009


Links database with Sage Line 50




I run my own property company and am having problems keeping track of the maintenance works.  I carry out maintenance works for various clients but am finding it difficult to keep track of employees hours worked and materials used.  I was hoping to give my employees pda's if not just job sheets which i can input in to a database which will automatically calculate the sales invoice.


Is there a template already available for something like this?


Below is what im looking to use the database for:-


 1/ Track job progress from initial report, inprogress, complete, sales invoice, sales receipt, payment.


2/ Export data to sage - e.g Sales Invoices, Sales Receipts, Supplier Invoices, Supplier Payments


3/ Keep property records - e.g. Property Address, Tenants Name, Tenants No, Upload boiler user guides


4/ Allow tenants to log in to a website and report a job online, also allow them to track the progress.