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    Links vs using a dd box



      Links vs using a dd box


      This is probably an insidiously simple questions, but here goes.

      If I am using a table merely to provide values via a Drop Down Box,  should I or do I have to actually have it linked to the table that receives the value?  It seems useless and a waste of resources to do so.

      For example, if I have a master table thet lists all of the types of vehicles in a fleet, and one field in the table is for "Make of Vehicle".  If the table providing the values has "Chevrolet; Ford; Chrysler" etc. and all I want to do is store the numerical code value for "Chevrolet" etc. do I or should I maintain that as a link to the master table?

      Thanks in advance for the education

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          If all you want is a drop-down of car names, you could just have it as a value list, with no table at all.  Yes, if you want to have an ID number, it would be easier to have a table, but there is no need for it to be linked.  Unless you have more behind this, like a conditional value list requirement...

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            You do not have to in every case. It depends on the design of your value list , the design of your layout and whether you record data in additional fields that also needs to be accesssible once a value from this list has been selected.

            The relationship is not required in order for the value list to function unless you are setting up a conditional value list.

            You might want to set up a relationship anyway. If you select an ID number from that table as is often the better design approach, then you'll need a relationship for many layout designs so that you can add a name field from your table of values to display the name of the item selected after the user exits the drop down field where they selected an item from the value list.